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Entry #2

The Auditor. Unveiled... (dun dun derrrrr)

2009-01-04 16:12:17 by PyroInc

The Auditor. The Mysterious blacked out character featured in the amazing Madness Combat Series made by Krinkles. Who is this mysterious character. Maybe he is just a blacked out being but i think different. The improbability drive was activated and so Hank and Tricky and Jebus were all allowed to return to life to kill for our enjoyment BUT the very person who activated the improbability drive has not YET re-appeared. The one who caused all this madness. The one who couldnt be bothered to send the pie (you'll understand the pie bit if you've played Madness Interactive) Yes thats right. SHERRIF. so people what do you think. Should/Will/Could Sherrif return. Its in krinkles hands now.

The Auditor. Unveiled... (dun dun derrrrr)


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2009-01-04 16:30:50



2009-01-17 19:39:15

Hmm, you might be on to something here, however, your idea is quite logical, and I don't think logic is something Krinkels is very familiar with...

PyroInc responds:

lol that depends whether his Improbability drive is on.